“Whats Installer Challenge???”

Installer Challenge is a competition of 2 teams of 5 or 6 people per side and they have 48hrs to build and install the best sounding best looking car audio installation
to extremely high IASCA standards.
Some of the details are:
  • Two Brand new identical cars
  • Both teams have the same installation equipment like power tools and cutting tools
  • Both teams have identical audio equipment, subwoofers, amplifiers, speakers, stereo etc
  • 48hrs with no down time, only if its needed
  • everything installed must meet the IASCA standards
  • competitions are held at car show events
  •  overall goal is to become the best of the best.

“Who competed???”

Michael Blight  from SoundSecure was part of the winning team.
Also Paul Ellis, Chris Pike, Anthony Hart and Martin Oliver were part of the team.

“When was it held???”

The first UK installer challenge was held in 2003 and there was 2 UK teams competing for the Uk title and the winners go to America to compete against
the winning American team.
In 2004 our winning team went up against the current winners and world champions in Daytona Beach (Florida) USA
WE WON!!!!!!
This win gave us the title of WORLD INSTALLER CHALLANGE CHAMPIONS!!!!

“Have you been beaten??”