Parrot bluetooth handsfree systems.

Soundsecure are part of the Parrot Certified Installer Network…..

We have all seen and heard in the news of the new stats out for the police on people using their mobile phones while driving. The police are going to be clamping down hard on offenders and dishing out points. So we have the solution, get a Parrot blue-tooth hands-free system installed in to your car and it will play the sound through your car speakers in perfect quality. Don’t be a fool and risk it. Buy a Parrot Hands-free from SoundSecure today!!


Parrot Mki9100 v3


Parrot Mki9200 v3



  Sot leads


The SOT leads are designed to allow the installation of Parrot hands-free car kits  which are supplied as standard with a universal ISO connections to vehicles with different wiring connections.
The vehicle specific leads (also known as SOT) allows the installer to quickly and simply interface the ISO connection to a non ISO vehicle without the need for cutting & soldering any wire connections.
 The cable is bespoke to a wide range of vehicles, please specify your vehicle make, model and year when ordering. 

The SOT leads are designed to plug onto the end of your car kit harness and turn it from ISO plugs to the vehicle specific plugs.

Ampilfier extension loom


 5m extension lead for ck and mki range if your car has a boot mounted factory amplifier.