Hertz DS 250

DIECI SUBWOOFERS provide very high efficiency and superior power handling. Their pure copper voice coil is wound on an aluminium former for the best thermal dissipation, while the back venting hole eases thermal build-up, increasing linear excursion.


Hertz ES 250

Energy ES subwoofers were designed to work best when used in small enclosures. However, their electro-acoustic parameters are optimised for use in many different enclosure types; both in terms of typology (sealed box, reflex, bandpass, etc.) and in size, insuring extraordinary versatility and performance. The use of a long excursion mobile voice coil and high flux density double magnet have created subwoofers that can stand very high power with outstanding musicality and bursting dynamics. The special anti-scratch finish and butyl rubber rings offer protection and an aggressive look.


Hertz ES 250D


More power and flexibility for your subwoofer section. ES double voice coil models permit to make connections in series and in parallel and to increase the number of speakers in order to choose the type of connection and to use all the power your amplifier can supply. Double voice coil, i.e.: double power, double efficiency, smaller boxes. Typology, overall dimensions, versatility, the best solution to every need; your bass will be always up to your expectations.



Hertz Hx 250

Hi-Energy HX Subwoofers represent the highest technological expression in terms of low frequency reproduction. The V-cone provides wide acoustic dispersion, making the sound even more powerful. The forced ventilation system provided by the venting holes on the bottom plate, along with a specifically designed extended centre pole piece and the materials selected for the voice coil, combine for high thermal dissipation. The ultra-light aluminium basket, with its spoke shared profile, reduces any unwanted resonance from the chassis itself. The special finishing materials and the rubber protection covering the magnetic assembly, besides decreasing resonance, add an aggressive, stylistic cosmetic look. The engineered balance of the electro-acoustic parameters make the HX subwoofers suitable for sealed acoustic suspension enclosures as well as vented reflex enclosures, generating powerful, dynamic low frequency response.


Hertz HX 250D

The HX subwoofers were designed to reproduce the very lowest octaves of the audio spectrum with precision, impact and power. Groundbreaking technologies in every detail: V-cone, forced ventilation system, low-resonance basket and ultra-efficient motor assembly. The Hi-Energy subwoofer range features dual coil models to increase the flexibility of your subwoofer system design. This will allow you to manage the different connectivity solutions and the number of subwoofers in a particular design in order to make the most of the amplifier power delivery characteristics. Dual voice coil, i.e.: double the power, double the efficiency, with even smaller boxes. The best solution to all your needs; low frequency output and control that will meet your most enthusiastic expectations.


Hertz SX 250D

The Hertz SPL Show subwoofers are the ideal solution for building mobile audio systems with emphasis placed on low frequency power and impact.
Featuring a stacked triple magnet motor assembly and 2 + 2 ohm dual voice coil, the three models, SX 250D, SX 300D, SX 380D differ only in their cone diameter: 250 mm, 300 mm, 380 mm respectively.
The SPL Show moving assembly is designed to ensure long and linear excursion. They feature a dual spider design and a four-layer voice coil wound on an extraordinary long aluminium former.
The Back Vented Spider Support decreases voice coil operating temperature, even during enhanced SPL usage. By connecting the two voice coils in parallel, impedance is cut in half, making the most of the amplifier’s available power and achieving even higher sound pressure levels.


Hertz ML2500

Powerful from the lowest octaves of the audio range. The ML subs set a new benchmark for low frequency reproduction with the impact, dynamics and pressure that only a reference component can achieve. Power and harmony in the anti-resonant aluminium alloy basket design, self-standing low incidence five-spokes structure, Front-Back Gasket, magnet protection. Ultimate technology in every detail: V-CONE with Polypropylene membrane stiffened with mineral dusts, high excursion surrounds, extended pole piece, dual layer mobile voice coil with copper covered aluminium wire (CCAW), oversize motor assembly with an exclusive forced ventilation circuit. A harder, deeper and more controlled bass for a unique enthralling experience.