Dension Gateway 500

£450 installed………..

Dension Gateway 500 GW51MO2

Dension Gateway 500 MOST adapter allows you to connect iPod/ iPhone and USB devices to car multimedia system based on MOST bus and control them by original buttons. This iPod/iPhone/USB adapter enables full iPod and USB devices browsing on the multimedia system display. You can also connect your phone and enjoy hands free telephony and listen to the music from your phone via car stereo system with the aid of additional Bluetooth module.

iPod/iPhone/USB adapter Dension Gateway 500 emulates CD changer and uses CD changer controls to access external audio sources and Dension Gateway accessories. In case your car is not equipped with a CD changer you may need to have the car programmed by your dealer to enable CD changer support (typical for BMW and Porsche).

Note for BMW Owners:

it is necessary to have the BMW “MP3 Retrofit” software option programmed by your car dealer in order to be able to display and browse through the song titles. Please check whether you can browse through MP3 files on a CD inserted into the car single CD slot. If yes, then the BMW MP3 Retrofit is already installed in your car.

Dension Gateway 500 Features


  • Full iPod control and charging via car multimedia system
  • External devices control via original radio controls
  • Original CD changer maintain (no need for CD retention kit)
  • Plug and play installation/de-installation, perfect for the leased vehicles
  • Song information display and browsing on OEM screens (where fitted)
  • RCA Aux input

USB Features

  • Supported devices: USB flash drive, portable hard drive (USB 1.1 and higher), MP3 player* , PDA*
  • File system: FAT16 or FAT32
  • Audio formats: MP3, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG2.5, OGG, WMA


If your MP3 player or PDA can be seen by computer as a “USB mass storage device”, it can be connected to Dension Gateway 500 adapter via USB. If the system does not detect your device and requires special drivers for authentication, it is not compatible with Dension Gateway 500.

In order to check this just connect your MP3 player or PDA to computer and watch whether it is detected as USB mass storage device and drive letter is assigned to the device.

Package Content

  • Dension Gateway 500 MOST iPod/USB adapter main board
  • USB extension cable kit (USB extension cable, clip, grommet, screw kit)
  • Dension IPO4DC9 dock cable kit (iPod video clip, iPod nano clip, iPod dock cable)
  • CD changer cable
  • AUX box kit
  • Power cable

£450 installed………..