Ford transit vans are known as one of the choice vans for builders and trades men but also means as they are full of tools so they are the prime target for thieves. Soundsecure have come up with some security solutions to help combat this big problem of tool theft.

Slam locks will keep to door locked once closed and can not be opened with out a special key. The handles are disconnected from the latches in the back of the van so even with the central locking unlocked the doors can’t be opened. £150 fitted per lock.

Loom guard is a simple metal bracket to stop thieves cutting the loom at the rear doors with a hacksaw to unlock the doors £30 fitted.

Internal handle guard stops a thief from sliding a metal rod through the gap in the sliding door and opening the door £30 fitted.

Alarm upgrade will link on to the factory fob and will arm the alarm with a double press of the lock button and disarm when unlocked. We also disconnect the systems unlock wire from the drivers door so the system can’t be turned off if a cloned key is used to unlock the door. £250 fitted