trackstar Tracking cat5

Insurance Approved Trackstar CAT5 now called S5 system has a unique wireless tag paired to the tracking device. If this tag is not present, the system sends an alarm when the car is driven away. The monitoring centre will then attempt to call the driver or owner to verify if there is a theft situation, and track the car.

This process is designed to address ‘key theft’ and ensures that the police are notified at the earliest opportunity.

The engine can be prevented from starting by a remote command from the monitoring centre. ** This feature is £100 extra** please speak to us about this if you would like to have it added. 

Just under a half a million vehicle-related thefts were reported last year*.

There is a solution – fit a Trackstar GPS Tracking unit to your vehicle.  In the event of your car being stolen, we’ll help find it, where the key to recovery is speed…

  • Trackstar deploys the latest GPS Stolen Vehicle Tracking technology to locate and track your vehicle, liaise with the police and recover your vehicle in the shortest possible time.
  • Trackstar, once activated, pinpoints the location of a stolen vehicle every 20 seconds.  If your vehicle is moved illegally we locate it using the Global Positioning System (GPS) in your Trackstar vehicle tracking unit. If your vehicle is moved without the use of its keys outside of its geofence, the unit will notify us and we will contact you immediately.
  • Trackstar is the only JaguarLand Rover, Range Rover and BMW approved Stolen Vehicle Tracking & Recovery product, and is approved for installation throughout the UK automotive industry.
  • In just 6 months Trackstar recovered a total value of £1,082,062 worth of BMW’s alone; with the shortest recovery time of only 8 minutes!

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate fact of modern living and the ever increasing levels of sophistication in car/key theft mean you don’t always know who is around the corner.  Vehicle theft is as inconvenient as it is distressing and there is a strong possibility that, without Trackstar vehicle tracking, your vehicle may never be recovered!

Don’t be fooled by other companies installing similar for less money. We all pay the same price for the unit so where will the costs be saved?? on the installation. So if you pay less, you get less. We charge the recommended retail price from Trackstar and are fully approved to install their products.

Subscription options:

  • Yearly subscription £168
  • 3 Year subscription £399

£549 installed……….

£649.99 for S5 with immobiliser installed……….